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Yuhon, established in May 2003, is a professional import and export company mainly engaged in businesses of electronic, conductive, optoelectronic, functional and chemical materials. We determine ourselves to provide outstanding customer service and assume social responsibilities based on our corporate values of Integrity, Innovation, Service, and Appreciation.


Currently Yuhon provides services for ITO Touch Panel, Electronics, FPC, PCB, FFC, Optoelectronics and Resin industries. We constantly introduce the latest products and technologies from Japan to explore applications in the high-end market segment, which enableour customers to develop high value-added products with world-class competition edge. Through all the efforts and collaborations, we expect to continue our growth in the competitive environment and build our own global business platform.


October 2007 : Established Yun Hong ( Shanghai ) Trading Co., Ltd. ( Shanghai Pudong )

May 2012 : Established Yuhon Japan Co., Ltd. ( Tokyo, Japan )

September 2014 : Established Xinju Science & Technology ( Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Baoan )

Core Values

Integrity: The most fundamental concept and core value of corporate culture.
Innovation: The growth momentum to provide customers with high value-added products with great business potentials.
Services: Customer orientation demonstrated through solid execution of product enhancement based on client's needs.
Appreciation: Social responsibility fulfillment by continuously making utmost contribution to the society as a growing and reliable company.

Organization Chart